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November 2023

Read here below or watch the video (English subtitles).

Daryl Jay Kyle is singer, (song)writer and producer from Rotterdam, with Moluccan roots. Raised in Drenthe (The Netherlands), Daryl decided to move to the city he fell in love with: Rotterdam. At the age of 14, his mom encouraged him to take a theater classes. Before this, his life existed of playing the piano and winning Dutch championships with a hiphop-dance team.

His musical career started by singing in church at the age of 15. It was then, and in the years that followed, that he discovered what faith meant to him. His faith, along with his admiration for (Black) Gospel music, grew to become a large source of inspiration for his music. Growing up in a family where Soul, Funk, R&B, and Jazz music regularly filled the living room definitely contributed to shaping Daryl’s musical expression. At the age of 18, Daryl joined the Teenzoneband that plays on the biggest Christian festival in the Netherlands (+/- 7.000 audience).

After many performances within the Dutch scene, from small intimate sessions to large concerts and festivals, Daryl took the opportunity to star in the national TV show “Hit the Road”. Here, Daryl made it to the finals where he was awarded 3rd place with his a cappella interpretation of “Change Will Come”. The words of praise from well-known Dutch stars such as Roel van Velzen, Edsilia Rombley and Alain Clark inspired Daryl to start a journey of exploring his own music. Out of this came the the challenge of “writing, producing and releasing 10 songs in a single year“, which he achieved. 

Here ends the good side of the story. 

De ontdekkingsreis werd niet alleen een muzikale zoektocht, maar ook een hele persoonlijke. Hij werd in de tussentijd geforceerd om hard aan zichzelf te werken; Daryl werd slachtoffer van sexposure.

Alongside this musical journey arose a personal journey. Daryl was forced to work on himself; he became a victim of sexposure.

Sexposure: An unsolicited distribution of online sexually explicit images.

“It feels like the ground beneath your feet is being pulled away, and you are balancing on a silk thread to not fall.” – Daryl Jay Kyle

Still, Daryl found a supernatural way to take courage and persevere. His feelings and thoughts were expressed in… writing! This writing, he converted to a video, book & album, emailseries and 4 (theater) concerts throughout The Netherlands (+/ 1.000 audience in total). Under own management, he did all of this in 2022-2023 by the project name: Who Am I. 

The core topics of his story?

Identity, sexuality and faith

Daryl’s creativity overflows and he is working on new music as well. He works hard and is driven to lift his story to a national level. He is ready to tell The Netherlands, but also the world, this impactful story. Will our ends meet? 


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