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Who Am I

Who Am I is Daryl Jay Kyle’s first own project, which also consists of a video series, book, theater show and email series. The album, recorded in the Heron Road Studios, was a headphone-concert, which completely fit the very personal approach of Who Am I. The project tells the singer’s intimate and unique story about identity, sexuality and faith.

It started in 2020 with a video series, in which Daryl tells about his challenges regarding the search for sexual identity combined with growing up with the Christian faith. The viewer is being taken back in time by hearing how his Moluccan identity and upbringing influenced becoming a victim of sexposure and the rest of his future. A big part in this is not being able or not having learnt how to talk about feelings and emotions.

The video series ends with a announcement about a challenging crowdfunding of 10,000 euros, which succeeded in 2021. With this, he recorded his first album and pressed it on physical CD’s.

To deepen the thoughts behind the album, Daryl wrote a book in 2022, in which he exposes himself even more detailed and answers some unanswered questions from the video series. In the same year he produced and performed 3 theater shows, in which he tells the story and the themes openly with guest speakers and the audience. In 2023 there was launched an e-mail series.

In short, the project was a great success, with thousands of video views and hundreds of responses. Liberals started thinking more conservative, and conservatives started to think more liberal. They have been connected more with each through this personal project of Daryl Jay Kyle, Who Am I.

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