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Who Am I

In earlier times, we, Alifuru people, were stranded on the beach to meditate. 

There, it became clear One was chosen. 

It is not easy to find a holy house at Tana Sepa, 

but the shrines of a great Kingdom will protect us. 

Who am I, that You love me still no matter what I do?
Am I floating inbetween these islands?
Where do I have to go?
How long ‘till I reach paradise?

Sometimes, to be honest, my desires are too strong
Sometimes I fall into my old habits, like a storm rushing over my true nature

There are days that I feel down
There are days that I’m unsure
But the question here is: Will I ever know?

It takes time to find the perfect balance to continue in this life
Will I fight my battles ‘till the end of time?
What’s the consequence of my mistakes?

Yet, I rely on the things that You gave to me
Still, I wonder why, why Your grace is like a river to my soul
It’s a matter of Your grace that I’m around
It’s a matter of Your face that I am found

Your love, it lifts me up
My doubts will float away
Yet, I know that I am surely on my way

Talk About It

I used to believe in this thing we’d been having
It really was meant to be
We danced to the moonlight, looked up to the night sky
Oh, how it felt so right

Guess that people change in time, it can be hard sometimes, I’ve noticed
Feels like every step to you doesn’t help me to come closer

Do you wanna talk about it?
Tell me what I have to do
Am I missing something?
I’m feeling like such a fool

Do you wanna live without me?
Tell me, what ya gonna do?
If it’s me, I’m sorry I’ll make it all up to you

Suchlike a day dream was what I’d been feeling when I was alone with you
And there, we saw the sun rise up high to the blue, blue skies
But for us it won’t shine no more

Does love ever stay through time? It’s so hard to find, I’ve noticed
I want you to stay with me, but I guess it’s not meant to be

Can’t Do It Alone

I can’t do it alone, I need you for this
I can’t do it alone

I have been so many places in my life and time
There was no one that could make me feel the way you do
See, I’ve tried, but then I failed, because deep inside
I knew you are the reason of life

On this road that we call life is where we belong
Though this road may feel so bumpy and so, so wrong
It’s the place where we learn how to keep us moving on
So, I ask you to keep holding on

I cannot really do this all just by myself, what I need’s a Greater Power
So, I ask you to stay with me everyday and I’ll sing it again

One Moment

How can one moment decide what’s in store for your life?
How can one moment set all of your future aside?
How can one moment fix all of your thoughts on your fight?
How it kills my broken inside

This phase I’m living, I remembered that one special day
In this phase I’m giving me the space to unload all this weight
This phase is killing the person that I have become
It ain’t cool, but it needs to be done

So I will figure out in silence
I will gaze into the seas
I will hunger through the fire
But most important to me is: you’re here with me

It feels so crazy to see how one moment can last
It feels so crazy to look back to what’s left in your past
Why not get crazy? If you don’t know or don’t understand
how you will end up in the end?

One moment can break a heart in one time
It might feel small, but it will last for a lifetime
On the other side, these moments can guide you to His light
So make a flower grow, make a difference in this world
Make the difference that you desperately wish for
One moment in time


I just don’t know what to do, I just don’t know what to say
Help me, find the way

I don’t know how to get through, help me, find my way back to you
To where you’ve brought me to

How it hurts me now, I can feel the pain
Never thought that life could feel like it’s in the movies
I can see it now, how I need the change
How to get back good-old freedom of yesterday?
Help me, find the way

Just tell me what I can do to get this long-waited breakthrough
Tell me how to pray
I realize it’s not done, these fights and feelings are so strong
Where do I belong?

Help me to see what I can do
Help me to see how to get through
Don’t know how much longer I can bear
this pain, it’s killing me, I swear

This fear or grief that’s in my head

Should I start worrying instead?
Don’t really know how to define
Please, tell me, how to get to


Tell Me

I, I’ve been wondering: how, how can this be?
Why, in spite of everything I’ve done, you still reach out to me?

Tell me, why you love me so?
‘Cause I just don’t really know
Why you won’t let go even when my life is so low

Sometimes, I try to search for something that I may have done to deserve this love
But honestly, the harder I try the more I realize it is nothing that I could have done

I can’t bring myself to understand
This love is to great to comprehend
All I’ve got left is to embrace that you won’t let go

You won’t let go
You will never let go, no

Broken People

Some people want to be free, live the life they believe they can hardly see
Thinking life’s already here without pain, without shame, without any fear
I’m wondering if they really ever may be or will be right

They think life’s already here, no stains, no sins, no, no, not any
In all honesty, I’m not sure whether in this life we can live a life
that’s one hundred percent without a chain cuffed up real tight

We are all broken people
No matter what they all believe
Do they even know what freedom means?
We are all broken people
Just accept the fact that we are broken, hurt and weak

You see, when David was king, he cheated with a woman that he knew wasn’t his
Mo’ killed the Egyptian man for the sake of his kind, before the promised land
Now, do these stories tell us how we should not live this life?

Well, it’s true, but please don’t forget that they also show us another thing instead
What I see is even ‘till the end, there was no full freedom ’til they were dead
And that maybe we will struggle ‘till the end of times

Now, all of this may sound quite hopeless
Here comes good news for you: there ain’t no shame no more for your weakness
Our purpose on this world’s been restored
We all can find our hope in Him who saved us all
So, once we will be truly free, but for now patience
Accept that on this earth for now we are all, yes, we are…

It’s okay to be the one that’s broken, hurt and weak


Laura, I haven’t met you yet, so I’ll just name ya. So, tell me: how you’ve been? Don’t know where to begin, but thank you for the fact that I can call ya anytime I want. It is an honor to ask: ‘How are you, dear?’ Except, you’re not yet here, so call me when you finally appear.

Every time I reach out by phone, the call remains unanswered. So, I will wait ‘till you open your voicemail, ‘cause I know you’re somewhere out there.

Laura, don’t know who you are, but just before ya tell me who you are, I just wanna say that I’ll be patient, ’till you’re on your way.

And once our ways have crossed each others minds, we will marry, be together. And until then desirably I’ll wait, until we finally live forever.

Laura, hope you’ll hear this song, ‘cause it’s all for ya. And hopefully you’ll see what you can mean to me. So, dial in my number and I’ll show ya what I can do for you. And maybe I’m a fool, but it’s this thing for you. I’ll give up the things I do. I hope that Laura does the same thing too.

I Love You

There will never be enough words to say how much my heart longs for you, my dear
I can never have enough of your love that runs over, so generously over for me

I love you so much more than anything
‘I love you’, it’s the least that I can sing
‘I love you’, I hope you’ll say it sometime too
I wanna show the love that I have for you

How I long, just for one touch. Let me feel again, the way that you made me feel
How I missed you so, so much. I can’t wait to see us running, running into our arms once again, again

Though our love sometimes may seem to be irrelevant; I only look for you when you feel down
Yet, I know that I am for you, for My love is never-ending
and I’ll keep you safe with me for the rest of my days

I love you


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